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The embankment is a well – maintained section of the coastline. Before the construction of such facilities, after the geological and geodetic research is carried out, a design scheme of the embankment is developed, taking into account climatic conditions and anthropogenic factors. First of all, measures are taken to strengthen the coast, then work begins on the improvement of the surrounding area.


Embankments are being built everywhere. The shores of seas, sea bays, rivers and streams, lakes, ponds, swamps, pools, and all kinds of artificial reservoirs are being developed and made accessible to people.


In each locality, the embankment is designed for different purposes and includes the following elements:


A highway for vehicles.

Areas for pedestrians and cyclists.

Capital stairs for descending to the beach.

Berths for ships and breakwaters.

Recreation areas with small structures(cafes, restaurants, retail outlets), Park areas, and other objects.






Construction and repair of embankments are works that require significant material costs. During the "big"construction, special blocks of concrete (courses) are often used as supporting components for embankments, then decorated with natural stone.


In private construction, the size of investments is significantly smaller. Owners of land plots are offered to purchase modern products – PVC sheet piles. This high-strength material will not only strengthen the shore well, but will also become an elegant retaining wall and will adorn your own embankment.

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