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Since its founding in 1999, PVC West LLC has been the first and leading manufacturing company of PVC profiles in the CIS countries. Production of custom-made products from PVC and ABS plastic.

Our company has unique experience and advanced knowledge in the field of extrusion, great technological capabilities and engineering potential. PVC sheet piles, baguettes for suspended ceilings, PVC panels, connecting strips, as well as other PVC products are the main focus of our production. The high quality of our products is guaranteed by the use of raw materials from leading European manufacturers, the use of modern equipment, as well as a multi-stage quality control system at each stage of production.

Produced in accordance with STB 1451-2004 and TU 800000106.399-2004 - profiles, panels, skirting boards, corners, slopes, planks of various complexity groups and a wide range of colors, the range of which is constantly expanding, are able to satisfy the needs of any most demanding customer.

We produce extrusion tools that are not inferior to, and in many respects superior to, the world's best analogues. The high quality of our tools has been appreciated by many companies, both in the CIS countries and abroad.

Over 25 years of work, about 1,100 units of extrusion molding tools of varying complexity and modification were produced. Our clients are more than 200 companies from 27 countries. Our commitment to quality and the constant expansion of the range of services, as well as a wide range of technical capabilities, allows us to provide services for the manufacture of extrusion molding tools for various industries

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