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LLC "PVC West" is a leader in the CIS in the development and production of extrusion forming tools for the manufacture of PVC products. In the production process, we use modern high-precision metal cutting and measuring equipment. And the design process is based on the use of various systems and personal experience of employees who have been trained at foreign enterprises.

The entire extrusion forming tool is made of stainless tool steel and subjected to heat treatment, which allows us to talk about its long service life. Individual approach in working with clients at the stage of designing and manufacturing of extrusion forming tools allows our company to achieve solutions to complex production issues. And the subsequent support and maintenance (warranty and post-warranty) allows our company to be a leader in its field.

Over 15 years of operation, about 250 units of extrusion forming tools of various complexity and modifications were produced. Our clients are more than 60 companies from 8 countries. Our commitment to quality and continuous expansion of the list of services, as well as a wide range of technical capabilities, allow us to provide services for the production of extrusion forming tools for various industries.

Main equipment and device of the extrusion line

The extruder is the main and technologically complex element of the line, which processes the initial raw materials into the final product (profile, pipes, sheet pile). Using special attachments that are made according to customer drawings, the extruder continuously pushes the mass of raw materials through the holes.

The entire extrusion line is fully automatic and controlled by special software. Controllers and sensors transmit all information about temperature, pressure, and the need to reload raw materials. The line also includes product calibration elements, a pruning device for cutting with a special saw, and a packing table. Today, the extrusion method is the most common method of manufacturing PVC products.

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