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Construction of berths and piers

A pier is considered to be a hydraulic structure that protrudes into the water area and is intended for Parking all kinds of shipping vehicles. A berth is a one – way support wall that connects land and a body of water to which navigable transport docks.


Large sea berths are subject to various loads:


from wind waves.

Bulk of ships.

All possible influences from the activities of port companies, railway tracks, as well as warehouse complexes on the territory of the pier.

During the construction of berths and piers, sheet pilings are constructed. They make it possible to pump out water, and implement the structure of the mooring support from heavy reinforced concrete courses. Heavy sheet piles made of high-strength PVC have high performance, and their repeated use reduces construction costs.




Berths and PIERS in




IHS MOST private households located near reservoirs have caused a demand for the construction of small private piers for small vessels.


The construction of a high-strength and practical mooring wall is easily possible with the help of SP 200 PVC sheet piles. You don't need to look for special equipment and equipment to organize your work. We offer to buy such sheet piles, they are much cheaper and more durable in operation than metal products. Our managers will help you calculate the necessary batch of piles for the construction of your own pier.


an elegant retaining wall and will adorn your own waterfront.

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