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With the invention of sheet piles made of PVC, which have exceptional performance, hydraulic engineering, highway construction, PGS and IHS have mastered the advanced development of the use of such building materials. In most cases, sheet piling can replace the most complex, expensive and time-consuming structures made of reinforced concrete.


This is influenced by the physical and chemical characteristics and directly the configuration of the PVC sheet pile:


High strength and resistance to loads is comparable to metal products.

Light weight, the weight of PVC sheet piling is much less than similar metal piles.

Anti-corrosion treatment and resistance to aggressive environments.

Cold hardiness.

Immunity to UV light.

High ability to penetrate into the soil.

Depending on the set goals, it is possible to use different configurations of sheet piles made of PVC.







PVC sheet piles began to gain popularity during construction events. This relevance is facilitated by the presence in the range of lightweight sheet piles of the PVC SP 200 type. They will not be difficult to move your hands to the right place, cut and mount without the use of special equipment.


More powerful sheet piles are in particular demand in such areas:


To reduce the level of underground water.

Protection of foundations from flooding.

Land reclamation activities.

The consolidation of railway slopes and other types of fixation of the soil.

We suggest not to waste precious time and material resources. Buy sheet piles made of PVC used for the construction of various structures.

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