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A ship slip is an area fortified on the shore that has a stable platform that goes under the water for the required distance. The slip has a slight slope, which makes it possible to use special equipment on wheels for lowering and lifting shipping vehicles. The design parameters depend on the size of the vessel:


Mini-slip for small boats with a motor.

Mid-size slip for oversized yachts.

A volume slip is required for cruise boats.

The wheeled cart with the vessel fixed on it moves under its own load, and smoothly sinks into the depth. The ship floats up, and the cart is pulled to land. Lifting of shipping vehicles is performed in the opposite direction. A car, small tractor, or equipment with a lift serves as a tractor for the cart.







For the implementation of measures for the construction of slipways, a flat section is selected. The use of sheet piling significantly facilitates and reduces construction costs. First of all, two tongue-and-groove walls with a U-shaped partition are built across the coast line. A special crossbar is installed in the direction of the reservoir.


Then the ground is removed and the necessary slope is created relative to the horizon, the base is cleaned and its further fixation is carried out using assembled slabs of reinforced concrete. When the bridge is removed, water enters the structure. It is also necessary to perform external dumping and strengthen the Bank on both sides of the structure.


The use of PVC sheet piles will significantly reduce the time of work, and save the cost of building materials.

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