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The construction of dams and dams is considered to be the most complex type of hydraulic engineering construction.


Failure of such facilities, due to various circumstances, often entails material damage and even human losses. Dams affect the following objects:


blocking the flow of rivers, with further water rising above the lock level.

The accumulation of water forms the reservoir.

Runoff is distributed before the season (dams perform constant monitoring of runoff).

The coast line and the natural geographical complex of the area are changing.

Blind dams that are built along the banks, perfectly protect from flooding.

In the construction of hydraulic structures, sheet pilings, in particular from PVC piles, are in particular demand.








In large-scale construction site the caissons are frequently used when performing actions in watered soils. The caisson is a closed moisture-resistant sheet pile curtain that guarantees pumping of watered soils.


Rapid and affordable construction of protective structures can be performed before or during floods. PVC sheet piles in one row makes it possible to carry out work in emergency mode and divert flood water from places where people live.


In private use, lightweight protective walls made of PVC sheet piles SP 200 serve as ideal dams that prevent flooding. We advise you to purchase such products and protect your homes.

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